We are a multiracial grassroots organization that works with low-income and working class urban, rural, and indigenous communities to fight environmental racism and injustice and build a clean, healthy and just future for all. We mobilize community power to win victories that change government and corporate policies and practices to protect health and to promote environmental, social and economic justice.

Campaigns and Communities Updates

February 27, 2019
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February 23, 2019
Greenaction & Parents and Kids to Protest Pollution from Tri-City Rock next to Elementary School in Fremont, California – see flyer and join us!

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February 16, 2019
Come to Ward Valley to Celebrate Anniversary of Occupation and Victory that Stopped a Nuclear Waste Dump!

See the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe’s Invitation flyer!

January 14, 2019-
Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice’s submits scoping comments on the Shasta Dam Raise Project. Read now.

January 10, 2019-
Read letter from Greenaction & over 600 groups across US call on Congress to take strong action on climate as one part of a Green New Deal. 

January 9, 2019-

Suspected shipyard contractor gets huge state deal for Camp Fire cleanup

The state agency in charge of wildfire cleanup has awarded a contract worth as much as $250 million to the company at the center of San Francisco’s Superfund scandal — an environmental engineering firm that was caught falsifying soil tests and is being sued by the U.S. Justice Department, whistle-blowers and homeowners. Click here to read more.

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December 24, 2018- California Environmental Justice Coalition –
Photos from a Year of Action in 2018

It has been an incredible year of action and victories for the California Environmental Justice Coalition.

We are excited to look back on 2018 as a year full of solidarity and memorable moments that will fuel us to continue growing stronger as a state-wide coalition and strengthen our work for the battles that are yet to come in 2019.

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November 30, 2018- 
Environmental Justice and Civil Rights Training Documents 2018

Treasure Island, San Francisco: 
Media silent as Navy digs 1,280 radiological objects from Treasure Island 

Click here to read excellent story by investigative reporter Carol Harvey

Click here to read Greenaction’s 2018 Fall/Winter Newsletter


Redding, CA: Greenaction stands in solidarity with the Winnemem Wintu Tribe in their Run4Salmon prayer and work to restore endangered salmon runs, revitalize indigenous lifeways and stop the Shasta Dam raise!

Recently two of our staff members joined Chief Caleen Sisk and the Winnemem Wintu Tribe on their 2 week, 300-mile, prayerful journey that follows the path of the salmon upstream along the Sacramento watershed. The prayerful journey seeks to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the waters, defending Winnemem Wintu sacred sites, restoring endangered salmon runs, and revitalizing indigenous lifeways in the face of climate change, and ecological collapse. Click here to see photos and read more


Greenaction is Hiring! Read the job announcement for a new Bayview
Hunters Point Community Air Monitoring Project Coordinator/Environmental
Justice Organizer.

September 24 & 25, 2018 Greenaction appeals India Basin Mixed Use Development project due to air pollution and gentrification in Bayview Hunters Point.

Read Greenaction objections to the project

Read our Appeal of project approval


September 14, 2018: BREAKING NEWS! Radioactive Object Found Near Homes at Hunters Point Shipyard Where Government Promised There Was No Radiation.

Click here to read front page San Francisco Chronicle Story.

Click here to read Greenaction Press Advisory – Press conference today at noon.

August 25, 2018 Laytonville, CA: R.I.P Louis Hoaglin, Chairman of the Wailaki Tribe

Our friend and warrior for justice Louis Hoaglin, Chairman of the Wailaki Tribe and long time resident of the contaminated Laytonville Rancheria, has passed after a heroic fight against cancer.

Condolences can be sent to Peggy Hoaglin and family c/o  Pastor David Sanchez  via email at   ldjlsanchez@hotmail.com

We will continue to work with the family, tribal members and allies to carry out Louis’ struggle to get Laytonville Rancheria residents relocated from the reservation contaminated by the county’s dumps that leaked into the community for decades, causing much death and illness.

For Health and Environmental Justice,

Greenaction Team


To read the latest big news about the the Bayview Hunters Point Community CLICK HERE.

July 26, 2018: BAYVIEW HUNTERS POINT- BREAKING NEWS! Greenaction Files New Petition with California Department of Public Health to Revoke Tetra Tech’s California Radiological Material License, CLICK HERE to read press release.
Read Greenaction’s petition on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to revoke Tetra Tech’s license and all the supporting documentation CLICK HERE.


On May 19, 2018, the White Mesa Concerned Community and Ute Mountain Ute Tribe held a Spiritual Walk and Protest against the Energy Fuels Uranium Mill located next to their community in southern Utah. The mill is the last operating uranium mill in the US, emits radiation and toxic waste into the air, land and groundwater, and was built on top of hundreds of ancient, sacred and culturally significant sites.

Click here to see the posterClick here to read the press release.

Click here to see more photos.

Saturday, May 13, 2017: Greenaction joined White Mesa Ute Community/Ute Mountain Ute Tribe members in protest and spiritual walk against Energy Fuel’s Uranium Mill in Utah!

  • Read Cortez, Colorado “Journal” story HERE!
  • Read Press Release HERE!
  • See Protest Poster HERE!
  • Check out photo slideshow from White Mesa Ute Community/Ute Mountain Ute Tribe protest against Energy Fuels uranium mill in Utah HERE!

April 2017: See pictures from Greenaction’s White Mesa Ute Community Environmental Justice Leadership Academy HERE!

October 11, 2016, White Mesa, Utah: Greenaction joins Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and White Mesa tribal members in Protest March against the last uranium mill in the US located next to their reservation, on top of ancient culturally significant and sacred sites. See pictures HERE!


Laytonville, CA: Greenaction supports Wailaki & Cahto tribal members fighting for relocation from toxic-contaminated reservation.

LISTEN to Video of Plea for Help from Wailaki Tribal Chairman

LISTEN to learn more about the preliminary results for Laytonville’s  community health study that shows “people in Laytonville are 5x more likely to have cancer there than residents elsewhere in California”

READ about the Community Health Survey HERE.

SEE photos and videos of Laytonville Community. (Coming Soon!)


Greenaction and El Pueblo of Kettleman City Demand State Agencies Comply with Civil Rights Settlement

On March 1st Greenaction & El Pueblo of Kettleman City Challenged State Agencies for Major Violation of Title VI Civil Rights Settlement.

To read civil rights complaint CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to read the Title VI Civil Rights settlement signed in August 2016 by Greenaction, El Pueblo, Cal EPA and DTSC.

CLICK HERE to read the “Notice of Non-Compliance” letter to CalEPA and Department of Toxic Substances Control for violating the Settlement and the Law.

February 22, 2017: National Public Radio story on Kettleman City’s toxic water crisis:  “Small community is one of many grappling with big water problem.” Read the story HERE!



Ward Valley, CA: Greenaction Joins Native Nations to Celebrate Victory and 20th Anniversary of 113 Day Occupation of Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump Site. Click here to see photos.

March 1st, 2018: New blog post!!
On February 12th Niria Garcia joined the Greenaction team as the new Community Organizer and Youth Program Coordinator! To read her blog post click on the link below

What I Learned About Standing Rock from Frontline Elders at Ward Valley

February 26th, 2018: WARD VALLEY, CA
On February 24th Greenaction Joined the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and other Native Nations & Allies to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the occupation and victory that saved Ward Valley, the desert tortoise, sacred sites and the Colorado River from a proposed nuclear waste dump. CLICK HERE to see more pictures


CLICK HERE to read Greenaction Statement on Resignation of Scott Pruitt
On Friday, June 29th, thanks to information provided by USEPA whistleblowers who care about the environment, science, and justice, Greenaction confirmed that Scott Pruitt, head of the USEPA who is working to destroy environmental protections, is planning on sneaking into San Francisco. Unfortunately for the Trump and Pruitt gang, we found out and will be there to raise our voices in protest!
Click here to read press release

Click here to read SF Chronicle article

March 12th, 2018: BRAWLEY, CA
Imperial Valley Residents, Comite Civico del Valle & Greenaction demand full cleanup of Chevron’s former PureGro toxic site in Brawley, CA.

Click here to read Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice comments to DTSC critiquing their inadequate “cleanup” plan.

November 13, 2017: Greenaction and Food & Water Watch release NEW report on Pollution Trading. Click on the following links to view the press release and report:

Friday, April 21, 2017: Greenaction & California EJ Coalition united dozens of groups in successful Earth Day Action for Environmental & Climate Justice

Build a wall of resistance against Trump! Greenaction joins millions in taking action for justice! Check out photos HERE!

January 18th, 2017: Stop Diesel Pollution & Protect Community Health! Greenaction & Bayview Hunters Point EJ Task Force gets government agencies to post “No Diesel Idling Signs” in Bayview Hunters Point. Read the story HERE from the SF Examiner!

Stand With Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

  • December 3rd, 2016 – Action at 1:30 pm at Chase Bank at 1201 Market Street (corner of 8th street), San Francisco. Greenaction was joined by supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
  • November 30, 2016: Greenaction joins hundreds in San Francisco march and action at Banks that invest in Dakota Access Pipeline! See photos!
  • October 28, 2016: In response to government violence against defenders of the land, water and sacred sites in North Dakota, Greenaction joined 200 people in emergency protest at federal building in San Francisco in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s heroic effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Please see pictures HERE and HERE!
  • September 2, 2016, Support Standing Rock – Support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s action to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline that threatens the environment and sacred and cultural sites! Greenaction helps mobilize support! Learn more on how to support Standing Rock HERE and HERE! Read the solidarity letter signed by 43 organizations HERE!
  • Thursday, January 26, 2017 6 pm: Emergency Protest against Dakota Access & Keystone XL Pipeline, Federal Building, 90 – 7th Street, San Francisco, CA. See the Event flier HERE!

September 23, 2016: Greenaction Helps Win Legislative Victory for Environmental Justice and Civil Rights! California Assembly Bill 1787 Signed into Law, Guaranteeing Equal Time to Testify at Local Legislative Body Meetings for Non-English Speakers. Read the Bill language HERE and our Statement on the Assembly Bill passage HERE!


September 6, 2016: Victory for Greenaction & Utah residents and allies! City of Sandy, Utah ends garbage gasification incinerator proposal. Read Greenaction’s comments to Utah Division of Air Quality HERE. Read Salt Lake Tribune story HERE.

BREAKING NEWS! Latest on Historic Kettleman City Civil Rights Victory! 

  • September 6, 2016: Read Latest In-Depth News Coverage of Impacts of Our Historic Kettleman City Civil Rights Victory and Progress on Clean Water for Residents:
  • August 16, 2016: Read the great new article about the historic Kettleman City civil rights settlement in Vida en el Valle by
  • August 13, 2016: Listen to KPFA Radio coverage of our Environmental Justice Civil Rights
    Settlement and Victory
  • August 10, 2016:  Greenaction & El Pueblo Reach Landmark Settlement with CalEPA and Dept. of Toxic Substances Control of our Title VI CIvil Rights Complaint that will benefit Kettleman City and Environmental Justice Communities across the state.
    • Read the Civil Rights Complaint HERE
    • Read the Title VI Settlement HERE
    • Read the Press Release HERE!
    • Read the Fresno Bee article by Lewis Griswold HERE!
  • Aug 2, 2016: Think Flint, Michigan’s water crisis is bad? Consider Kettleman City! Greenaction and El Pueblo of Kettleman City have worked tirelessly to bring attention to the fact that the residents of Kettleman City continue to suffer with toxic water despite promises from our government that clean water would soon be a reality. Check out the full story HERE!
  • Check out the exposé on Kettleman City’s water by the CBS channel 5 investigative team, May 19th 2016, Part onePart two

August 12, 2016: Inside Cal/EPA article, Advocates See Hazardous Waste Rights Pact As Model For Future Cases. Read full article HERE!

August 3, 2016: News story released featuring Marie Harrison of Greenaction. Read the San Francisco Examiner’s story on the issues of environmental racism and injustice in Bayview Hunters Point by Robyn Purchia HERE!

Read letter from Greenaction & Utah groups to Utah Community Investment Board opposing plans to ship Utah coal to Oakland, CA for export. Read more HERE!

June 2, 2016: *Read the report and see photos* from Greenaction’s  May 24th, 2016 “Upstream & Downstream” campaign work in Utah and Arizona with Native Nations and indigenous and environmental and climate justice groups to protect the Colorado River, its tributaries, people and sacred places. Check out the press release HERE! See poster HERE

November 25, 2015 –  ‘Equity Activists, DTSC Begin Mediation Over Landfill Civil Rights Complaint‘ by Curt Barry. “Inside Cal EPA” newsletter November 25, 2015. Read HERE NOW

July 22, 2015: Greenaction Launched Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force – Read more HERE!

Greenaction Unites Communities & Tribes Up and Down the Colorado River to Protect Our Rivers, Watershed, Health & Environment – Read more HERE!

70 Organizations Support Greenaction & El Pueblo of Kettleman City Civil Rights Complaint against California EPA and Department of Toxic Substances Control, Demand Justice for Kettleman City – Read letter to Federal and State officials.

Greenaction & El Pueblo Para el Aire y Agua Limpia/People for Clean Air and Water of Kettleman City file state and federal civil rights complaints against California EPA and State Department of Toxic Substances Control for racial discrimination against Kettleman City Latinos and Spanish-speakers …read the complaints here, here, and here.

Listen to Greenaction and El Pueblo of Kettleman City on Pacifica Radio’s nightly news March 26 about our civil rights complaints filed against the State Department of Toxic Substances Control and California EPA for racial discrimination.

October 14, 2014 – Kettleman City residents and Greenaction to challenge State Department of Toxic Substances Control’s denial of appeal of Chem Waste Expansion Permit….the battle is on….
Read Greenaction & El Pueblo’s press release and our original permit appeal.

Read Fresno Bee newspaper story.

California Environmental Justice Coalition Releases Recommendations to Reform & Improve the Pro-Polluter California Department of Toxic Substances Control…..read the CEJC’s comprehensive recommendations!

Dozens of urban, rural and indigenous grassroots groups have United in Solidarity for Environmental Justice!
Read/download flyers for the November 8th CEJC statewide grassroots conference — English  Espanol
Read the Mission Statement (English & Spanish) and the list of the dozens of members of the California Environmental Justice Coalition

Federal Court Strikes Down Illegal Permit for Avenal Power Plant in California
Ruling Is 
Victory for Health, Air Quality, the Climate and Environmental Justice

Read the press release here

California Environmental Justice Coalition formed! Urban, rural and indigenous groups unite in new coalition. See Members of the California Environmental Justice Coalition and Mission statement of the California Environmental Justice Coalition.

Read Greenaction Comments to Department of Toxic Substances Control Opposing Draft Permit for Expansion of Chemical Waste Management’s Violation-Plagued Kettleman Hills Hazardous Waste Landfill here.

Greenaction, West County Toxics Coalition & Allies Block Entrance to Kinder Morgan LLC Railyard in Richmond, CA to protest shipments of explosive crude oil by rail through our communities