Treasure Island is located in San Francisco Bay and is a man-made island filled with beautiful views, but on this Island it is what you cannot see that might harm you. Formerly the site for a US Navy Base, the land is contaminated with radioactive and hazardous wastes from military operations.

In the San Francisco Bay, gentrification is forcing low income people of color to live next to contaminated areas and Treasure Island is just one example. Treasure Island’s residents are living in subsidized housing just feet from toxic and radioactive waste, this is a violation of environmental human rights and justice.

Even with the presence of contamination, inadequate cleanup, and the threat of rising sea levels caused by climate change, city officials and mega-developers want to move forward with their mixed-use development project and build upscale housing and businesses on Treasure Island. Greenaction is working together with residents to defend their rights to live in a toxic-free and safe environment.

Campaigns and Projects

Relocation for Treasure Island Residents Now

Greenaction is working with residents in the fight for relocation from their toxic and radioactive contaminated community — and for improved cleanup of the contamination sites threatened by rising sea levels. The community of Treasure Island is rising to defend their right to life. It is a violation of human rights that our government allows low income people of color to live in subsidized housing next to, and likely on top of, radioactive and toxic waste at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. We stand with the residents of Treasure Island and will support them as they move forward with this battle.

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