Climate Strike (September, 2019)

Youth-Led Climate Strike in Downtown San Francisco (September 2019)

Youth-Led Climate Strike in Downtown San Francisco (September 2019)

Bayview Hunters Point Community Protest (Clean Up Not Cover Up!) (September, 2019)

Close the Camps ABOLISH ICE Protest (September 2019)

Salinas Valley Youth Academy Community Meeting (August 2019)

Greenaction Stands with Mauna Kea (July 2019)

SF Mime Troupe Treasure Island Performance Tabling Session (July 2019)

PG&E No Bailout Action (June 2019)

Greenaction Press Conference at Treasure Island (March 2019)


Greenaction protest at India Basin Park San Francisco (March 2019)


Greenaction members from Colorado River Indian Tribes at Rise for Climate Justice (September 2018)

Gonzales Youth Environmental Justice Leadership Academy (July 2018)

Greenaction Bayview Hunters Point Mothers and Fathers Committee Climate Justice Protest (2017)

Press Conference at Hunters Point Shipyard Superfund Site (2017)

Standing Rock NO DAPL protest in San Francisco (November 2016)

Greenaction Bayview Hunters Point residents protest at Lennars Shipyard Welcome Center (September 2016)

Colorado River Indian Tribes in Moab, Utah (April 2015)

Greenaction members from Blythe California at Moab Utah Action (April 2015)


BVHP Climate Justice Leadership Academy (2015)

Crude by Rail Protest in Richmond, CA (May 2014)

Kettleman City Birth Defects Press Conference (June 2012)

Kettleman City Mother of Baby with Birth Defects demands end to toxic dumping (September 2010)

Maricela Mares Alatorre and daughter Salma (September 2010)

Kettleman City Youth on the March for Justice (June 2010)

Bayview Hunters Point residents and Greenaction demand closure of PGE Hunters Point Power Plant (August 2007)

Bradley Angel of Greenaction speaks to community in Philippines about incinerator threat to health (May 2007)

Japanese Anti-Incinerator Activists Welcome Bradley Angel of Greenaction (April 2007)

Gila River Indian Community and Greenaction Protest Romic toxic waste plan (March 2007)

Defend Medicine Lake from Proposed Geothermal Plant Greenaction Joins Pitt River Tribe in Protest at Calpine office (January 2007)

Community Protest Against Pacific Steel Berkeley, CA (November 2006)

Community Protest Against Pacific Steel Berkeley, CA (November 2006)

Greenaction Direct Action training for Navajo tribal members from Dine-CARE (August 2006)

Community Protest Against IES Medical Waste Incinerators East Oakland, CA (2000)

Mojave girls dancing at Ward Valley occupation of proposed nuclear dump site (February 1998)

Tribal members meet BLM police officials at the barricades morning after first night of occupation (February 1998)

Quechan Lightning Singers and dancers at front line of occupiers blocking police from entering Ward Valley (February 1998)

1st Night of Occupation of Ward valley (February 1998)

Arizona Youth Protest Pollution in South Phoenix, Arizona

Bayview Hunters Point Residents Solidarity in Kettleman City

Greenaction on the March for Environmental Justice