The White Mesa Ute Community of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe is located between Blanding and Bluff in San Juan County in southern Utah. It is near Cedar Mesa, the Bears Ears National Monument, Valley of the Gods, the San Juan River, national parks, and many other beautiful and sacred areas. The Ute Mountain Ute Tribe is based in Towaoc, Colorado, and White Mesa is a satellite community of the Tribe.

White Mesa is adjacent to the Energy Fuels’ uranium mill, the last such facility in the US, where uranium tailings and other radioactive contaminated materials are sent for “processing” – and dumping.

Radioactive pollution and other contaminants are emitted from the mill into the air, land, and groundwater, threatening public health and environment. The uranium mill was built in the 1970’s directly on top of hundreds of culturally significant and sacred Indigenous sites, including burials and ceremonial structures.

Greenaction works with White Mesa tribal members, the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, and other allies in the fight to close the uranium mill.


Blue Castle Holdings proposes to build a large nuclear power plant about five miles west/northwest of Green River, Utah, close to the majestic Green River that flows into the Colorado River. Greenaction works with diverse allies in Utah and Arizona to defeat this reckless proposal that would contaminate the Green River and the Colorado River, drinking and agricultural source for tens of millions of people.


Greenaction is proud to stand with Native Nations in the fight to protect the beautiful and sacred Bears Ears region in southern Utah. Donald Trump and his Interior Department have dramatically and illegally reduced the Bears Ears National Monument which is not only a spectacular landscape of canyons, mountains, buttes, mesas and rivers, but also contains thousands of ancient sacred and archaeological sites. Bears Ears was also supposed to be the first National Monument co-managed by Native Nations, whose people have lived, prayed and hunted there for thousands of years. Trump is acting, as usual, to help corporations plunder our environment instead of protecting it. We will continue to defend Bears Ears!


Stericycle operates a commercial medical waste incinerator in the middle of a neighborhood filled with families and kids. The incinerator has been plagued with serious violations, including excessive toxic emissions, yet the State of Utah has allowed it to continue operating. Stericycle plans to build a larger facility in Tooele County to replace the existing on in North Salt Lake City.

Greenaction has worked to educate residents about the dangerous emissions from the incinerator (including dioxin and other toxic chemicals and toxic metals) and to encourage safer, non-burning technologies that can sterilize the medical waste without the dangerous emissions resulting from incineration.


Located near Salt Lake City, Greenaction helped stop Navitus from building a waste gasification plant in this area that already suffers from poor air quality.


Tooele County is located primarily in the west desert between the Utah/Nevada stateline almost to Salt Lake City. Tooele County is infamous for being the location of numerous dangerous facilities, including a hazardous waste incinerator, hazardous waste landfill, radioactive waste landfill, the Tooele Army Depot, and the Dugway Proving Grounds (where weapons of mass destruction were tested).

Greenaction monitors the waste disposal operations in this area as they contaminate the beautiful land and wildlife, and threaten nearby communities.


Greenaction worked with Goshute tribal members to defeat plans pushed by the US Government to pay off the tribe to accept high level nuclear waste.