Updated: 9/7/2016

Greenaction has a small staff and a strong internship and volunteer program offering opportunities for students, community members and professionals to get involved.



  • Student Internships – We accept 2-4 interns per semester to work with our staff and community partners on a wide range of projects including community organizing and outreach, community education, conducting training workshops for community members, doing research, producing fact sheets and reports, and advocacy. Bilingual English/Spanish and/or Chinese language skills are helpful. Internships are unpaid but students will get an intensive experience working directly with Greenaction and our community partners. Students should be able to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week during the semester. To apply, email your resume and letter or email expressing your interest to greenaction@greenaction.org. Opportunities include:
    • Working with our staff out of our San Francisco office
    • Bilingual Spanish-English interns needed to help with our staff and allies in Kettleman City in the San Joaquin Valley
    • Community education and organizing with our campaigns in urban, rural and indigenous communities
    • Research and writing of fact sheets, reports and other documents
    • Policy advocacy with local, regional, state and federal agencies
    • Media, especially social media
    • Participating in the Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force “problem solver” team. The Task Force is part of the statewide IVAN Network, Identifying Violations Affecting Communities. www.bvhp-ivan.org
  • Law clerks – We are seeking one law student for a law clerk internship that will focus on civil rights/environmental justice administrative and legal issues, legal research, and helping draft technical comments on draft permits issued by government agencies for polluting projects.


  • Graphic designer
  • Pro Bono attorneys
  • Volunteer Translators (Spanish and Chinese especially needed)
  • Community Outreach
  • Photographers for events and actions
  • Event planning
  • Videographers/Photographers

For more information, email greenaction@greenaction.org or call (415) 447-3904