Put Out the Fires! 
Protect the Amazonian Rainforest and its Indigenous People! 


Since mid-August, the Amazonian Rainforest of Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru were set ablaze with countless fires. There has been 74,000 fires this year which is an 84% increase over last year’s count. The Amazon Rainforest makes up 20% of the Earth’s oxygen and water, representing the Earth’s lungs. This is an international climate catastrophe!

President Bolsonaro holds an anti-environmental rhetoric, he’s actively against forest protection and human rights as impediments to Brazil’s economic growth. His  language against Indigenous Peoples is racist, facist, and threathning genocide. President Bolsonaro initially blamed environmentalists and NGOs for the fires, and later announced that the country had a lack of funds to fight the fires. The fact is, the land is being burned by loggers, miners, and ranchers for pasture and cattle grazing. The rainforest is continuously being deforested for profit. The environmental consequences on our planet will leave an irreversible  impact on all living species. 


Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice is in support of Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation (APIB). The promotion and defense of Indigenous rights are essential to achieve unity. APIB is a national reference of Brazil’s Indigenous movement whose purpose is to strengthen Indigenous people in unity among various regions and organization. For more ways to support frontline Indigenous communities of the Amazon, please visit APIB’s website here. 




Please join Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice in supporting Global Day of Action for the Amazon at the Brazilian Consulate, 300 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, 12PM-2PM. We will stand in Solidarity with Indigenous Earth Defenders, Amazon Watch, The National Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), and Extinction Rebellion. To learn about Global Amazon Day, click here.


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