Greenaction is honored to announce that our staff and intern team will be tabling at various shows from San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Musical on Treasure Island! Please join us at the Treasure Island musical in various locations across the Bay Area.

A summary about the musical, by the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s website:

“Treasure Island – is it the mythical isle where untold wealth awaits marauding pirates, or the freezing cold, artificial island in the middle of San Francisco Bay awaiting cut-throat developers? Or is it both? That’s the question for Jill Hawkins when an old sea-dog of a developer drops anchor in her office at City Hall, and drops a mystery in her lap. “Developers…they scour the map looking for cities with fat purses, ready to be plundered, damn the regulations!” But if Treasure Island is such a wonderful opportunity why has no one developed it yet…? What about the people who live there now? And who is the one-legged developer Hawkins was warned about?” (The San Francisco Mime Troupe, 2019).

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