Sacred to sacred. We continue to stand with the sacred Mauna Kea as Greenaction joins native Hawaiians, international supporters, and activists to represent the #MAUNAMAJORITY

Sacred indigenous lands all across the earth are becoming more jeopardized than ever due to harmful industrial development and climate change. On Saturday, August 3, 2019, Greenaction stood with unconditional love in a ceremony for Mauna Kea at the West Berkeley Shellmound, CA, a sacred site to the Ohlone people. It’s critical to note that Mauna Kea protectors are not against the use of science or technology with the proposed TMT project. The Mauna Kea protectors are concerned about preserving the mountain, the source of fresh water, what they refer to as “The Source”, or “The Sacred”. This ceremony for Mauna Kea was joined by local environmental justice advocates, indigenous leaders, students from local universities, Native Hawaiians, and other community members. This video clip captures indigenous leaders singing “Women’s Warrior Song” a native song from Canada. Greenaction stands in solidarity with indigenous people everywhere who are fighting to protect their sacred sites, culture, land, health and environment. 

To Native Hawaiians or Kānaka Maoli, the mountain, Mauna Kea, represents a place of worship, an ancestral burial site, and a life-giving source of fresh water. The aquifer located within Mauna Kea provides fresh water for the town of Hilo and other surrounding communities. Greenaction continues to stand fully against the construction of the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project. The TMT project would have massive environmental affects on the landscape and impact the health of surrounding communities. Please visit  to learn more about Hawai’i and join with Greenaction in taking action to protect Mauna Kea. Kū Kia’i Mauna! 🍃🌎 🌿

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