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Save Indian Pass and the “Trail of Dreams” from a proposed Cyanide Heap Leach Gold Mine

Support the Quechan Tribe’s campaign to stop KORE Mining from getting permits for a cyanide heap leach gold mine at Indian Pass in the Sonoran Desert which would desecrate sacred Indigenous land and cause severe environmental pollution and destruction.

Twenty-five years ago, the Quechan Tribe successfully fought off and defeated plans by Glamis Gold to get permits for a gold mine on sacred and environmentally sensitive land at Indian Pass. Today, Indian Pass is again being targeted for its gold. KORE Mining wants to extract 1.2 million ounces of gold from this culturally significant land. They may use cyanide heap leaching, a process that would contaminate the land and wildlife. According to the Quechan, Indian Pass is part of the “Trail of Dreams” and has profound cultural significance.

To help save Indian Pass, send your comments asap to the United State Interior
Department/Bureau of Land Management, and the Imperial County Planning and Development Services.

You can send the sample message shown below to these government agencies (feel free
to add your own comments to the message).,, and

Re: Indian Pass Gold Mine proposal – Imperial USA Corporation/Kore mining project

Please notify me of any and all opportunities for public comment on this project.

We strongly oppose this project due to concerns about environmental impacts and desecration of sacred and culturally significant sites.

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