Avenal is a community of 15,505 which includes inmates at the Avenal State Prison. The majority of the community (72%) is Latino with many of them being mono-lingual Spanish speakers. ??The majority of the community relies on agricultural work, especially the production of pistachios. ? 

In 2015, after a 7-year battle, Greenaction and allies defeated a proposed power plant in Avenal which would have been grandfathered in with a disregard for updated clean air standards. This plant would have emitted excessive amounts of nitrogen oxides which can cause respiratory problems.?⚠️❌ 

Previously, Greenaction had been involved in the community when a local municipal landfill was converted to a huge dump designed to take in waste from as far away as Los Angeles County. Currently, Greenaction is working with community members to address problematic conditions with this dump including: illegal dumping of animal carcasses, excessive and noxious smells coming from the dump and a proposed expansion of the facility.‼️?

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