Treasure island is located in San Francisco and is a man-made island filled with beautiful views, but there are wastes that might harm you. Formerly the site for a US Navy Base, the land is contaminated with radioactive and hazardous wastes from military operations. ⚠️

In the San Francisco Bay, gentrification is forcing low income people of color to live next to contaminated areas, Treasure Island being one of them. Residents are living in subsidized housing just feet from toxic and radioactive waste. ormer Treasure Island resident Liz sat down for a film interview to speak about her experience living on Treasure Island’s contaminated land and the negative health impacts she has endured. Through her determination and tireless activism, Liz aims to hold government agencies accountable for their environmental injustices to spread awareness to her community.  🚫💢⚠️   

Thank you Liz for speaking about your experiences with Greenaction. We will continue to work closely with Treasure Island residents and former residents to defend their rights to live in a toxic-free and safe environment. Click here to watch the film interview. ✊🏾‼️⚠️☢️‼️