I am sad to let you know that our dear friend, comrade, and environmental justice warrior Marie Harrison passed away Sunday, May 5, 2019. For the last several years Marie, a non-smoker who lived for decades in Baview Hunters Point and who as a young woman worked at the contaminated Hunters Point Shipyard, battled lung damage that made it impossible to breathe without an oxygen machine.

Despite this challenge, Marie continued her tireless environmental justice work for her community and other communities far and wide. When illness made it impossible for her to continue her full time role as a Greenaction organizer and policy advocate, she joined our Board of Directors – and of course she continued speaking out at protests, government public hearings, and community meetings.

A strong and powerful woman of color and community leader, Marie spoke truth to power and never sold out or compromised her principles. She waged, and won, epic David versus Goliath fights, saving lives, fighting for justice, and making life miserable for the forces of evil – polluters and sell-out politicians and government officials!

Marie continued to fight for justice to her very last day, and inspired people everywhere. As the legendary woman labor organizer Mother Jones said, ” Pray for the dead, but fight like hell for the living!” Marie would want us to do the same, and that is exactly what Greenaction will do.

Please join Greenaction and Marie’s family members on Sunday May 12th at 9 am at Peacock Meadows in Golden Gate Park as we will dedicate our Mothers Day Walkathon for Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice to Marie’s spirit and memory. Condolences can be sent to the Harrison Family, c/o Arieann Harrison, 528 Carter Street, Apartment 104 A, San Francisco, CA 94134.


Bradley Angel,

Executive Director

Categories: Communities