October 11, 2016, White Mesa, Utah: Greenaction joins Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and White Mesa tribal members in Protest March against the last uranium mill in the US located next to their reservation, on top of ancient culturally significant and sacred sites. See pictures HERE!

October 3, 2016: White Mesa Ute Community, Utah – Meeting & Film Showing about the Uranium Mill’s threat to health, environment, culture and sacred sites. Greenaction is working with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, tribal members and allies to mobilize opposition to the uranium mill next to the White Mesa Ute Community in southern Utah. See flier HERE for more details.

Where:  North Salt Lake City, Moab, Green River and White Mesa Ute Community

No Nuclear Power Plant in Green River: Save the Green and Colorado Rivers!

Greenaction and allies are working to stop Blue Castle Holdings’ plans to build two  nuclear reactors and store highly radioactive fuel rods about four miles from the Green River in the beautiful Canyonlands region of southern Utah. Greenaction is working to alert and educate southern Utah residents about this threat. As the Green River flows directly into the Colorado River, we are also reaching out to millions of people in cities and Native Nations downstream.

Stop Dumping Radioactive Waste at White Mesa:

Greenaction is working with tribal members from the White Mesa Ute Community in southern Utah to stop Denison Mines from continuing to bring radioactive uranium tailings for milling at their mill located on the fenceline of the White Mesa reservation. The mill and its disposal cells are built on top of hundreds of ancient, culturally significant and sacred sites. Radioactive pollution is emitted into the air from the stacks at the Mill, and radioactive contamination has been detected offsite.

Stericycle incinerator, North Salt Lake City:

Greenaction and the Concerned Salt Lake Area Citizens continue to work to get Stericycle to close their incinerator located just feet from homes that burns medical and some non-medical wastes and emits dioxins and many other pollutants into the air. Our goal is to have the medical waste treated with sterilization technologies instead of incineration. Learn more

Atlas Uranium Tailings, Moab and the Colorado River:

Greenaction continues to monitor the removal of radioactive uranium tailings from the old Atlas uranium mill site where radioactive materials are leaking into the Colorado River. We want to ensure that the removal of the radioactive tailings is done safely.

Background info:

Due to weak environmental laws in Utah, pro-polluter policies and lax enforcement of polluters, dirty industries thrive in this state, endangering residents and everyone’s environment.  Adding to the problem, federal agencies including the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department/Bureau of Land Management as well as state agencies are not doing their jobs to enforce their own laws that were created to protect health, the environment and federally-managed public lands.

In the News:

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