Stop Nuclear Power and the Nuclear Cycle:

Greenaction is working to stop the revival of nuclear power  and to stop the nuclear cycle of uranium mining and milling, nuclear power and nuclear waste. The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan has highlighted the enormous threat to health and the environment that nuclear power continues to pose.

Uranium mining is environmentally damaging, including the devastated lands, hazardous and radioactive emissions and the legacy of uranium tailings.  Uranium mills, such as the Denison Mines White Mesa Uranium Mill in southern Utah, emit radioactive pollution into the air and dispose of radioactive materials in the ground.

Nuclear power plants have routine radioactive air emissions, use huge amounts of water, have a constant risk of catastrophic accidents such as happened in Fukushima and Chernobyl, and require the storage of highly radioactive nuclear fuel rods for tens of thousands of years.

Current Campaigns:

  • California:  We are part of a growing new movement to oppose relicensing of the state’s nuclear power plants including the problem-plagued San Onofre plant that has serious safety problems.
  • Save the Green River and Colorado Rivers: We are playing a key role mobilizing opposition to the nuclear power plant proposed in Green River, Utah that would threaten the Green and Colorado Rivers and drinking and agricultural water for tens of millions of people in Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona. Blue Castle Holdings wants to build two reactors and store the highly radioactive fuel rods on site for 10,000 years, less than  four miles from the beautiful Green River.
  • White Mesa Ute Community, Utah: We work with Ute tribal members and other local residents to oppose the expansion of the Denison Mines White Mesa Uranium Mill located next to the White Mesa Ute Community near Blanding, Utah.  This mill disposes of radioactive materials into landfill cells and emits radioactive materials into the air. The mill was built on top of many sacred and culturally significant sites including burials and ceremonial sites.