ANALYSIS: Evaluation of the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation Proposal for a Pyrolysis Gasification facility at the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin – By Greenaction March 7, 2011

REPORT: Toxic Scandal, Toxic Threat and Environmental Racism: Sun Energy Group, LLC’s “Louisiana Gasification Facility” – Greenaction Report on this plasma arc “garbage incinerator in disguise” proposed for New Orleans June 16, 2011

REPORT: Pollution, Health & Environmental Racism and Injustice: A Toxic Inventory of Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco (2004) – Report by Bayview Hunters Point Mothers Environmental Health & Justice Committee, Huntersview Tenants Association & Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice.

REPORT: Toxic Scandal and Toxic Threat The Plasma-Arc Garbage Incinerator in Disguise Proposed for Sacramento – By Greenaction August 26, 2008

REPORT: Incinerators-in-Disguise Case Studies (June 2006) – Report by Greenaction looking at case studies of Incinerators-in-Disguise

INFORME: Incineradores Disfrazados – Estudios de caso (ESP) – par Greenaction INFORME: Incineradores Disfrazados – Estudios de caso (ESP) Abril 2006 Bajar el informe Incineradores Disfrazados