Mojave Desert, California:

Greenaction is supporting Native Nations and the Sacred Sites Protection Circle in efforts to stop the destruction of burial and other culturally significant sites including ancient geoglyphs created in the desert thousands of years ago by indigenous peoples. Burial and cremation sites as well as geoglyphs, giant rock drawings on the desert floor, are threatened by massive industrial-scale solar power projects being built on top of and next to these sacred sites. These sites are also being harmed and threatened with further destruction by reckless ATV use.

Ward Valley, California:

Greenaction joins with the Fort Mojave, Chemehuevi, Cocopah, Quechan and Colorado River Indian Tribes and allies every year to celebrate the historic victory won when the nuclear waste dump proposed for the sacred lands at Ward Valley was defeated. The 113 day occupation of the federal land at Ward Valley that began February 12, 1998 was Greenaction’s very first direct action.



February 22, 2020: Ward Valley Spiritual Gathering & Annual Celebration of Occupation and Epic Victory that Defeated Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump. Hosted by the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe. Ward Valley is 22 miles west of Needles, California, Water Road Exit off of Interstate 40.

Click here to view the 22nd Annual Ward Valley Spiritual Gathering and Celebration 2020 flyer.