New Orleans, Louisiana:

Stop the Proposed Sun Energy Plasma Arc Garbage Incinerator, and Support Zero Waste and Recycling:

Greenaction, the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice and other community, neighborhood and environmental groups are working together to oppose Sun Energy’s proposal to build a commercial municipal solid waste (garbage) plant using plasma arc technology in New Orleans.

If built, Sun Energy would use the controversial and problem-plagued plasma arc technology to heat garbage and then incinerate the gases that result. This two-stage incineration process would emit a range of hazardous and criteria pollutants into the air, adding more contamination to communities that already suffer from  too  much pollution.

Greenaction and our community partners are calling for increased zero waste and recycling programs and the use of anaerobic digestion technology for organic wastes instead of dangerous and polluting incineration technologies.

Greenaction continues to provide technical and strategic support to the New Orleans community and environmental justice groups in the campaign to defeat Sun Energy’s proposed plasma arc facility. We are sharing our expertise with city officials so they understand that Zero Waste and recycling programs are the best way to address the trash problem, and that plasma arc is really just incineration in disguise that threatens public health and the environment.

Greenaction wrote a report critiquing the claims of Sun Energy and have distributed this report to the public including community groups, government and the media.