CAMPAIGN: Stop the Proposed Plasco Plasma Arc Garbage Incinerator & Support Zero Waste and Recycling!

WHERE: Gonzales, Salinas Valley, California

Greenaction and residents of Gonzales, Salinas and other Salinas Valley communities have united to oppose the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority’s attempt to help a Canadian company called Plasco build a commercial municipal solid waste (garbage) plant using plasma arc technology in the predominantly Latino farming community of Gonzales.

If built, Plasco would use the controversial and problem-plagued plasma arc technology to heat garbage and then incinerate the gases that result. This two-stage incineration process would emit a range of hazardous and criteria pollutants into the air of Gonzales and the Salinas Valley, an important agricultural area.

Greenaction and our community partners including the community group Asamblea de Poder Popular de Gonzales are opposing the Plasco project and instead calling for increased zero waste/recycling programs and the use of anaerobic digestion technology for organic wastes.


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