Fremont is located in the southeast San Francisco Bay Area, straddling both the East Bay and South Bay regions and is in close proximity to Silicon Valley. A majority of residents are of Asian ancestry, with large populations of Chinese, Indian, and Filipinos.

Campaigns and Projects

Protect Kids from Tri-City Rock’s Air Pollution

Greenaction is working with families in Fremont to protect kids from air pollution from Tri-City Rock’s operations. Hundreds of kids attend the Stratford School, an elementary and middle school located one foot from Tri-City Rock’s concrete batch plant. Hundreds more kids attend nearby Grimmer Elementary and Averroes High. The majority of students attending the three schools surrounding Tri-City Rock are from minority families.

Tri-City Rock’s emissions go onto the school grounds, exposing kids to particulate matter pollution that can cause asthma and other health problems. Kids have on occasion had to go inside and shelter to hide from the emissions blowing onto the school grounds including the playground.

Emissions are from the batch plant’s stack, uncovered piles, and from trucks going to and from the facility.

To date the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has failed to take action to protect the kids from the dangerous emissions, despite clear evidence that the school is impacted by the pollution.

Important Documents

Greenaction Demands Bay Area Air Quality Management District to revoke Tri-City Rock’s Permit to Operate Read Letter to BAAQMD here

May 23, 2019

NBC Bay Area TV’s new story about the pollution threat to kids read news story here

May, 21st, 2019

Parent’s Report on Tri-City Rock in Fremont Read Report Now

February 23, 2019

Community Rally by Fremont Families & Greenaction Watch Kron4 News Coverage

February 23, 2019

Fremont Parents and Kids to hold Community Rally to Protest Air Pollution from Tri-City Rock Located Next to Elementary School Read Press Release