Where:  Green Bay, and the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

Stop the Proposed Oneida Seven Generations Corporation Pyrolysis Gasification Garbage Incinerator, and Support Zero Waste and Recycling:

Greenaction is working with community groups and Oneida Nation of Wisconsin tribal members to oppose the pyrolysis gasfication garbage facility being built in Green Bay by the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation (OSGC).

Greenaction was invited by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin to provide a technical evaluation of the pyrolysis gasification project. Greenaction researched the project, the claims of the company and project proponents, and we wrote a report critiquing many of the company’s claims.  Greenaction’s Executive Director met with tribal members and others in the adjacent community about the dangers of the proposed project.

Greenaction continues to provide technical and strategic support to the community groups opposed to the pyrolysis project, and we are working with local residents to continue to oppose its’ operation.

OSGC’s facility would be the first commercial waste disposal plant in the nation treating garbage with pyrolysis technology. The plant would heat garbage and then incinerate the gases that result. This two-stage incineration process would emit a range of hazardous and criteria pollutants into the air, adding more contamination to communities that already suffer from  too  much pollution.

Greenaction and our community partners are calling for increased zero waste and recycling programs and the use of anaerobic digestion technology for organic wastes instead of pyrolysis, plasma arc, gasification or other incineration technologies.

How you can help:  Let Greenaction know if there is a plasma arc, gasification or pyrolysis plant proposed near where you live! greenaction@greenaction.org