Activists from the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, Chemehuevis and Greenaction at an action in Green River, Utah to protest proposed nuclear reactors that would threaten to contaminate the Green and Colorado Rivers, drinking and agricultural water for tens of millions in California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

No Nuclear Power Plant at Green River, Utah! Save the Green & Colorado Rivers and Our Health!

Blue Castle Holdings wants to build a 2-unit nuclear reactor near the Green River and the City of Green River, Utah, close to Moab and Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

In addition to the threat of routine radioactive emissions from the power plant as well as a potential nuclear plant disaster, Blue Castle Holdings wants to store the highly radioactive nuclear fuel rods on site in an area susceptible to flash floods.  These fuel rods would remain highly radioactive for 10,000 years!

As the Green River flows directly into the Colorado River, a nuclear power plant would threaten the drinking and agricultural water for tens of millions of people in many states and puts millions of people at risk.

The company wants to take about 48 million gallons per day out of the Green River for cooling the nuclear reactor units and for use in a shutdown in case of an emergency, such as the one that recently took place in Fukushima, Japan.  The withdrawal of water would adversely affect already over-allocated stream flows as well as the recovery program for threatened and endangered species in the Colorado River Basin.


> Email the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and request to be notified of opportunities for public comment on the nuclear power plant proposed for Green River, Utah:

> Call or email Utah Governor Gary Herbert and tell him to stop the nuclear power plant: 800-705-2464,

Protect Our Water From Nuclear Contamination, including Southern California’s Water


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