Stop Incinerators in Disguise

NO to INCINERATORS IN DISGUISE falsely promoted as clean methods of waste disposal and a renewable energy source!

No to Gasification, Plasma Arc, and Pyrolysis!

Yes to Zero Waste!

Greenaction is working to help communities, governments and Native Nations around the world learn about and stop the onslaught of proposals for new incinerators using gasification, plasma arc or pyrolysis technologies to treat garbage and other wastes.

While traditional incinerators burn the waste directly, this new generation of what we call “incinerators in disguise” are essentially two-stage incineration. These gasification, plasma arc and pyrolysis technologies typically heat the waste in a chamber, then burn the gases (called “syngas”) that result, emitting toxic and criteria pollutants into the air.

Industry calls these “conversion technologies” and “renewable energy,” implying they convert waste into energy. The reality is that very few facilities using these technologies actually generate energy. Also, many facilities using gasification, plasma arc or pyrolysis have been huge failures. Real renewable energy is the sun and wind, not garbage or toxic wastes.

Instead of burning waste in incinerators or dumping it in landfills, we support Zero Waste programs that reduce, reuse and recycle waste and prevent it from being generated in the first place. We also support the use of well-operated anaerobic digestion facilities to treat organic wastes.

Where: Across the US and the world!

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POWERPOINT: Incinerators in Disguise (August 2012)

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ALERT: Indigenous Lands & Incinerators in Disguise

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ANALYSIS: Evaluation of the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation Proposal for a Pyrolysis Gasification facility at the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin

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REPORT: Plasma Arc Technology for Municipal Solid Waste: A Proven Technology or Incinerator in Disguise? Will Florida’s Health and Environment Be Protected?

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FACTSHEET: Plasco plasma arc proposal (English

Factsheet and Action Alert about the projected Plasco project.

In the Media

MONTEREY HERALD: Project Opponents Question Status of Waste-to-Energy Plant

By Larry Parsons, July 20, 2012.
A proposed waste-to-energy plant near Gonzales is close to being on the ropes, opponents of the project claimed Thursday, following the release of hundreds of emails and letters obtained, which show the agency working hand-in-hand with the project developer, and that the project is facing many delays.

LAW 360: Calif. Trash-To-Energy Plants May Labor For Renewable Status

By Erin Coe, June 14, 2012
California Gov. Jerry Brown’s office earlier this month backed Plasco Energy Group’s plans to build what is on track to become the nation’s first garbage-into-electricity plant in Salinas Valley, but the project and others like it still face an uphill battle to overcome environmental concerns over whether burning trash qualifies as renewable.