LOCATION: West Oakland, California


CAMPAIGN 1. AMCO Chemical Superfund Site Toxic Cleanup:

Greenaction and community members are working to get the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to finally, safely and thoroughly clean up the toxic contamination next to homes and a childrens’ playground at 3rd and Mandela Streets in West Oakland. The contamination was discovered in 1997, yet US EPA still has not started the cleanup.


Tell the US EPA to finally clean up the AMCO Superfund Site without further delay. Email USEPA Regional Administrator Jared Blumenfled: blumenfeld.jared@epa.gov

CAMPAIGN 2. Move the Childrens’ Playground Away from Toxics:

The childrens’ playground at the South Prescott Neighborhood Park sits on top of contamination from the AMCO Superfund Site and is feet away from the 880 Freeway where thousands of diesel trucks pass daily. We want the City to move the play area to a safer location.  Kids should not have to play on top of toxic waste and next to thousands of diesel trucks.


Contact Greenaction if you want to volunteer or you can contribute time, energy, equipment, or money to help move the play structure.
greenaction@greenaction.org or 415 284 5600 ext 102