Bradley Angel, Executive Director

 In 1997, Bradley joined with grassroots community environmental justice activists from California and Arizona to form Greenaction. He is a national leader in the environmental health and justice movement, working with communities to stop pollution threats to health, promote pollution prevention, renewable energy and safe technologies, and to ensure that people affected by pollution problems have the right to participate in government and industry decisions that affect their lives. Prior to co-founding Greenaction, Bradley was the Southwest Toxics Campaigner for Greenpeace USA for eleven years from 1986 though 1997. Bradley was Co-Director of the San Francisco Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign in 1985, and has been active in many social justice issues since a teenager. Bradley serves on the steering committee of the Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative and the San Joaquin Valley Cumulative Health Impacts Project, and helps coordinate the Environmental Justice Air Quality Coalition. In 2008, he was awarded the prestigious Lannan Foundation’s Cultural Freedom Award, in recognition of his work over more than two decades with hundreds of diverse low-income and working class communities and Native Nations impacted and threatened by pollution.

Rose Chan, Office and Grant Administrator

Rose Chan is a certified health educator (CHES) and graduated from San Francisco State suma cum laude. Rose majored in Health Education and Minored in Holistic Health practices, focusing on systems thinking and environmental social justice issues. She works with staff, community members, and volunteers, researching health information, conducting training sessions, creating fact sheets and other learning tools, and providing support for Greenaction’s projects as a health consultant. Rose helps coordinate Greenaction’s diesel emissions reduction projects.

Marie Harrison, Community Organizer

Marie Harrison has been a Greenaction Community Organizer since 1999 with a focus in her community of Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco. Marie is Greenaction’s coordinator for our diesel emissions reduction efforts, including a successful campaign in Bayview Hunters Point. Marie is an active member of the Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative and the Environmental Justice air Quality Coalition. Her advocacy involves decades of civic and community engagement for social, economic and environmental justice. She was part of the first Bayview Hunters Point Community Court and served as an Advocate for two years. She also served as a member of the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance Task Force which worked to assure freedom of information and transparency in City government. She served on advisory boards for the Citywide Senior Action Network and the Southeast Community College. She sits on the Board of Directors of Positive Directions Equals Change to unify families broken by past drug abuse and prison terms, helping to heal community relationships.

Maricela Mares-Alatorre, Community Organizer

Maricela is a Greenaction Community Organizer and the San Joaquin Valley Environmental Health and Justice Policy Advocate. Maricela is a mother and long-time resident of Kettleman City, home to the largest hazardous waste landfill in the western United States. She has been involved in the environmental justice movement since 1990. Maricela’s parents are founding members of the group People for Clean Air and Water of Kettleman City and they helped co-found Greenaction. Maricela received her BA in Linguistics from Fresno State University in 2000. She has worked as a teacher, employment counselor and a parenting instructor. She is a member of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition (CVAQ) and the San Joaquin Valley Cumulative Health Impacts Project (SJVCHIP) Steering Committee. She is also an advisory committee member for the Tulare Lake Basin Disadvantaged Community Water Study. Maricela is on the board of directors for the Kettleman City Foundation and is a member and spokesperson for People for Clean Air and Water of Kettleman City which is currently campaigning to defeat a proposed expansion of the Chemical Waste Management toxic landfill in Kettleman City. Additionally, she is a mentor for the environmental justice youth group, YPOP (Youth Protecting Our Planet).