Kettleman City mother shows photo of her child born with birth defects at a legislative hearing organized by Greenaction and El Pueblo.


Greenaction works with community partners in a multi-pronged strategic approach to:

  • Hold corporate polluters and government accountable on issues of environmental health and justice.
  • Empower communities with organizing, action, media assistance, technical and strategic expertise, and skills building programs for both youth and adults so they gain the knowledge to win victories.
  • Take nonviolent direct action against polluters.
  • Work for pollution prevention, healthy jobs and safe technologies.
  • Mobilize residents and communities to demand and win their right to meaningful participation in government and industry decision-making processes.


This work includes:

  • Documenting health and environmental impacts of polluting projects and toxic sites through community health surveys, testimonies of residents and research
  • Producing analysis, reports, critiques and proposals on specific technologies and projects. and on industry and government policies and practices including legislation and regulations
  • Engaging in permitting processes for proposed projects presenting health and environmental risks to vulnerable communities, by producing technical analysis and comments, assisting community members in understanding and participating in the decision making on the projects, raising public and policy maker awareness
  • Engaging in regulatory processes to monitor and produce proposals on agency rules and practices
  • Conducting leadership and capacity building trainings for adult and youth community members, and for community activists, on varied topics, including how to reduce health risks, how to understand environmental review processes, how to increase effectiveness in advocacy, best practices in community organizing, public speaking, and more
  • Linking communities to work together for a clean and healthy environmental for everyone
  • Building coalitions and the movement for environmental health and justice
  • Organizing actions including protests, petitions, press conferences, media events, meetings with officials
  • Filing civil rights complaints and lawsuits to challenge dangerous technologies, discrimination against low-income and communities of color, flaws in permitting procedures, and violations of Native American cultural rights
  • Holding industry and government accountable on health and environmental justice issues.