Location: Salinas Valley, California

Community partners: Asamblea de Poder Popular de Gonzales and residents and union leaders from across the Salinas Valley

Gonzales is a predominantly Latino/Hispanic, Spanish-speaking community located in the heart of the Salinas Valley, a major agricultural area that provides food for the country and world.

Approximately 88% of residents are Latino/Hispanic (“Latino”), and 74.6 percent speak Spanish at home; of the Spanish speakers, approximately 55 % speak English less than “very well” and 26% did not speak English at all. Approximately 39% of residents are foreign born, of whom 95 percent are Spanish speakers; of the foreign-born Spanish speakers, 89.8% speak English “less than very well” and 47.2% speak English “not at all”.

Campaigns:   No to Plasco Plasma Arc Incinerator