What: Environmental Justice, Community & Environmental Groups to Protest to Demand Congress & White House Uphold Congressional Ban on Crude Oil Exports & Stop Exports of all Fossil Fuels
Federal Building, Mission and 7th Streets, San Francisco
Contact: Bradley Angel, Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice (415) 722-5270

Join us TODAY to Demand Congress & White House Uphold Congressional Ban on Crude Oil Exports & Stop Exports of all Fossil Fuels

As the US Senate Returns from Recess & the Climate Heats Up,Oil Industry Makes Push to Lift Long-Time Ban on Crude Oil Exports and Coal Industry, Developers & Utah Counties Push for Approval of Oakland Coal Export Plan

San Francisco, CA — Environmental justice, community, environmental and indigenous groups will protest on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at noon at the Federal Building in San Francisco (7th & Mission Streets) to demand a ban on all exports of fossil fuel and to call on state and federal agencies to finally take decisive action to address climate change.

The protest is taking place as the United States Senate returns from recess, and will call on Congress to reject the oil industry effort to rescind the long-time federal ban on export of crude oil. The protest will also rally opposition to the plan by developers, the coal industry and Utah counties to send coal by rail from Utah to a proposed export terminal in West Oakland, California for shipping and burning overseas.

In July, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee – chaired by Senator Murkowski of Alaska – approved the “Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015” that includes a dangerous measure to lift the decades-old crude oil export ban. H.R. 702 would amend the Energy Policy and Conservation Act to repeal authority to restrict the export of coal, petroleum products, natural gas, or petrochemical feedstocks.

Exporting crude oil – and other fossil fuels – to foreign countries will encourage even more fracking and tar sands mining, causing increased health, environmental and climate problems in the US and abroad. Major protests have also taken place in the Bay Area and nationally against the increase in rail transport of toxic and explosive crude oil through communities and sensitive ecosystems.

At the same time Bay Area groups are joining this national effort to keep the ban on crude oil exports in place, they are also working to prevent a controversial plan to import coal from Utah for export out of a proposed terminal in West Oakland.

“We must stop Congress from caving in to Big Oil and the fossil fuel industries that profit off of the health of people, the environment and the planet,” said Bradley Angel, Executive Director of Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice. “We need the government to support clean renewable energy, and fossil fuels should stay in the ground. We need decisive action, not lip service, from Obama and Congress.”

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